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... and if you believe all of that you're a bigger fool than me

Just your atypical boy-girl girl-boy
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"Writing bollocks on the internet since 2001"

Hello. I don't write too often in here anymore, but I still try to check in from time to time. Whatever I do write is probably fairly banal now. Sorry. I mean, it was probably banal back in the days when I updated regularly too. So now it's both banal and sparse. But! I can promise some things you won't see in this journal:

- Memes
- Photos of me from carefully selected angles
- Posting about how bored I am and asking you to entertain me

I'm still mostly obsessed with the game of Scrabble. I play in tournaments and in the London Scrabble League and might write about my Scrabbling experiences from time to time.

To be glam, to be intelligently glam, that's the thing. That's the way. Achieve that and you have achieved the surreal. You have discovered the beauty.
-- Howard Devoto

Dislikes: In an idea shamelessly half-inched from gooner, I've made a list of things I cannot stand:

aggression, arrogance, beards, boiled vegetables, crowds, false sincerity, getting up, harry potter, heat, insects, mobile phones, money, mushrooms, my birthday, nightclubbing, pointless drama, spiders, summer, sweating, txt msg spk, things that crawl, urinals, violence